RINA Newsletters - Major Highlights

NL 9, May 2004
Kliger researches new Russian immigrants in Germany
RINA research on new immigrants has gains front-page New York Times recognition.

NL 8, June 2003
RINA reports
Some findings from the 2002/2003 RINA surveys

NL 7, September 2002
Immigrants from the FSU, post-911: unified and divided
RINA profiles the best practices of immigrant incorporation

NL 6, January 2002
Russian Immigrants Express Solidarity in the Aftermath of September 11
RINA's Projects
People and media quotes about RINA

NL 5, June 2001
RINA projects
Who is RINA?
RINA's Carnes, Kliger publish new book with New York University Press

NL 4, April 2000
Letter from the Chairman
Letter form the Chief Operating Officer
New faces at RINA
Employment in the U.S.

NL 3, September 1999
Russian immigrants disapprove of US/NATO actions, but many remain undecided
Kosovo report
New faces at RINA

NL 2, May 1999
Facts about New Russians
Letter from the Chairman

NL 1, January 1999
Letter from the President               
Facts on new Russian immigrants