"Public opinion is stronger than the legislature, and nearly as strong as the Ten Commandments"
Charles Dudley Warner -
Opinion Of The Day
was an American essayist and novelist.


"Public opinion in this country is everything

Abraham Lincoln
Russian America Top.    .
RINA Board Members as of June 2009

1.        Vladimir Beniaminov               
2.        Alex Goldin                                                               

3.        Boris Gorbis                                       Vice President
4.        Boris Kandov                       

5.        Dr. Sam Kliger                                    President                                       
6.        Yuliya Mazur                                       Secretary               
7.        Leonid  Turanskiy                       

8.        Lev Vatmachter                                  Vice President, treasure

9.        David Yusupov
10.      Igor Dodin                                            General Counsel

11.      Garri Galanter
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